PROBAT SHOP ROASTER – Our passion for your coffee

Our all-round service for individual and flexible roasting results.

We know all too well that coffee roasting is more than just a technical process. It is a passion, a labour of love. Every roast reflects the personality of the roaster. That is why it is so important to us to provide you with individual, detailed and passionate support. After all, we love coffee and roasting just as much as you.

From first contact and choosing the right roaster to individual service and comprehensive training, the PROBAT shop roaster team is here for you. Which machine is right for my needs? How do I develop my own roast profiles, and how do I train my sense of smell and taste

Our experienced and specialized shop roaster team has the answers to these questions and many more. We can advise and support you right from the start. We can help you choose the right PROBAT roaster, convey basic knowledge about coffee and provide training to you and your team.


Jake LaPres
Shop Roaster Sales Manager
Phone: +1 847-415-5239

Paul Pyrich
Customer Support Manager
Phone: +1 847-415-5237