Within the framework of its overall corporate responsibility, PROBAT has teamed up with a select number of partners who share one common goal: the creation of long-term social and economical sustainability.

Since the foundation of the UC Davis Coffee Center, the Californian university has been striving to become the leading source of scientific expertise in the study of coffee. Through various research projects PROBAT actively supports this academic approach to the world’s second most traded commodity.

The Specialty Coffee Association acts as a unifying force within the global specialty coffee industry.  is built on foundations of openness, inclusivity and the power of shared knowledge. The In joint efforts with the SCA, PROBAT strives for creating a circle of like-minded coffee professionals.


The NCA is one of the oldest trade associations in the USA. Founded in 1911 it has been representing the U.S. coffee industry from crop to cup ever since. PROBAT and NCA have teamed up in order to support the coffee industry through sharing combined knowledge with its stakeholders.

Climate change, low yields, diseases & pests and barriers to quality – These are the major threats tot he livelihoods of coffee farmers and the businesses who rely on them to grow great coffee. Probat supports the strong efforts of WCR to solve these complex problems through  collaborative scientific research and development.