Retrofit is not only the fastest and most efficient way to modernize a PROBAT shop roaster, but above all an expression of appreciation for an approved and highly reliable roasting machine. Thus, PROBAT enables its customers to stick to a machine that – in many cases - has become part of the company tradition. From an economic point of view, rebuilding or modernizing a roaster can also be more advantageous than a completely new investment.


PROBAT offers wide-ranging options for anyone who wants to modernize his PROBAT shop roaster. Together with the customer, our experts determine the scope and cost of the retrofit. They help to weigh up the investment and offer alternative solutions.


The retrofitting measures offered by PROBAT, extend uptime, increase efficiency and safety, and ensure maximum availability. Replacing obsolete components and adding modern technology also leads to a higher level of automation in the roasting machines. Customers are enabled to connect their old machines to modern interfaces and operate them with modern controls and energy-efficient burners.


You would like to retrofit your shop roaster and have questions about this or would like a concrete offer? The PROBAT experts are happy to help and advice.