Roasters’ needs and consumer wishes might have changed over time, but the demand for consistent and reproducible roasts has remained the same around the globe. The PROBAT shop roaster software solutions help users reliably reproduce roasting results for consistently high coffee quality.

The PROBAT SAMPLE ROASTER and all roasters of the P series come with a visionary integrated web-based control system as standard. The basic versions of the UG series, G45, and G series roasting machines are controlled manually. Alternatively, they can be equipped with a semiautomatic control via a touch panel. The G45 and the G series also offer the option of a fully automatic control system.


All PROBAT shop roaster control solutions allow for a safe and automatic reproduction of stored settings via recipe management while supporting clear visualization of the roasting curve on the touch screen. The control systems are updatable and upgradeable, with automatic safety chains in the background, thus guaranteeing stable, safe and future-proof roasting processes.

The integrated interfaces in the software solutions let you connect all PROBAT shop roasters to the external software systems of Cropster and Artisan.

Details on the control solutions can be found on the individual product pages.