After a long-running partnership Probat Inc. acquired the Canada-based millwright and fabrication company ED Industrial (EDI) earlier in 2017.

ED Industrial is a Canadian millwrighting and heavy steel fabrication company working in the food and beverage industry, and specializing in coffee processing, as well as in building products, metal refineries, recycling, aggregates, concrete, bulk material handling and more.  Located in Rockwood, Ontario, slightly northwest of Toronto, this company employs highly experienced tradespeople including millwrights, CWB and TSSA certified welders, machinists, pipe fitters, CAD designers and engineers. Within the coffee industry, EDI is well known to have more experience installing complete coffee process plants utilizing Probat coffee roasters than any other company in North America.

The acquisition not only expanded Probat Inc.’s ability to provide the highest level of plant installation services and equipment repair & maintenance to coffee customers in North America, but also to act on a proactive basis, providing solutions ahead of time.