Brewed Behavior Becomes Official U.S. Training Partner of Probat Burns

Brewed Behavior and Probat Burns have announced a new milestone in their partnership, with Brewed Behavior’s appointment as Probat’s official U.S. partner for roaster training. The companies have long collaborated to elevate roasting skills and standards for the specialty coffee industry. This new chapter marks the start of a promising future for roaster training at Brewed Behavior’s lab in Kansas City, Mo. and at Probat’s lab in Vernon Hills, IL.

The roasting methodology developed by Brewed Behavior exclusively for Probat Burns includes lectures and hands-on skill building for sample roasting; coffee evaluation including cupping basics as well as cupping for roast defects, green defects and problem solving; several methods for profile roasting; production roasting; and roaster maintenance. Brewed Behavior’s approach to roasting will help any roaster, whether experienced or new to the field, get the most out of Probat’s highly sought-after equipment. Learn more about the course at

An ideal fit
“Brewed Behavior’s theory of precision roasting is the ideal fit for us,” says John Fortin, President of Probat Burns. “We believe we make the world’s best roasters, and to bring out the best in the machine and the roasting professional, we want to offer the best training possible. Brewed Behavior provides it.”

The partnership also marks another milestone for Brewed Behavior, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year. “I’m thrilled to start this new phase of our relationship with Probat, as we enter our second decade of helping roasters and retailers bring the best possible coffee to market,” said Brewed Behavior President and founder, Tracy Allen. “Probat roasters are the benchmark of precision in the field, and we love roasting on them. We’re excited to train more coffee professionals to maximize quality while roasting on a Probat.”

Roaster Training Locations and Sign Up
Brewed Behavior offers roasting courses at its Kansas City lab and at Probat’s lab in Vernon Hills, IL. Participants benefit from personal direction on flavor-profiles sample roasting to best suit their specific target demographics. “We aim to take the guesswork out of every stage of coffee roasting, to maximize the success roasters will have at their craft,” says Allen.

Interested roasters can learn more at, and email to schedule their training.


About Brewed Behavior
Brewed Behavior has been providing comprehensive product-quality and business support to all segments of the coffee industry since 2008. The company’s approach to consulting involves changing behaviors through education in addition to providing strategy and solutions for coffee growers, roasters and retailers at every touchpoint including roasting, cupping, infrastructure, marketing, green buying and more. Learn more at

About Probat Burns
For more than 150 years, Probat has set the standard for coffee roasting and grinding technology. Probat’s knowledgeable, highly experienced personnel support a long tradition of innovating new solutions for the ever-changing coffee industry. Learn more at