Tradition meets comfort

The appealing design of the G series roasters makes them particularly desirable for medium-sized roasteries who also want to show their coffee processes to their customers. Complemented by powerful technical features, these roasters offer unique comfort for achieving the highest quality results. Like all other roasters handmade in the workshop of our subsidiary KIRSCH + MAUSSER, the G series roasters are based on the drum roasting process, which allows for a gentle mixing of the beans in the drum and a particularly homogeneous roasting result.

Benefits for your Coffee



Configurable for use with natural gas or propane

  • high capacity
  • continuously adjustable for a more flexible roasting process
  • state-of-the-art safety technology, including gas and flame monitoring

Optional: semi- or fully automatic control solution via touch panel

  • Thermocouples as standard to document the supply air, product and roasting exhaust air temperature
  • Recipe management with up to 20 user-definable recipes; saved settings can be reproduced safely and automatically (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Visualization of the roasting curve on the touch screen (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Burner output can be selected manually or automatically from a recipe (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Interface for external software systems from Artisan and Cropster (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Process safety through pneumatic opening flaps on the bean container, roasting drum and cooling sieve outlet (semi- and fully automatic control solution)
  • Additional protective cover on the cooling sieve (fully automatic control solution)
  • Emergency water quenching for the roasting drum (fully automatic control solution)
  • Additional water quenching for the chaff collection container of the roasting cyclone (fully automatic control solution)
  • Automatic heat switch-off when the desired final temperature is reached
  • Automatic safety shutdown of the burner when the temperature limit is reached
Roasting exhaust air cyclone

Light and easy to empty

  • individually adjustable
  • large, wheeled chaff collection container made of aluminium
  • manual emergency water quenching for the chaff collection container
Cooling exhaust air cyclone

Extra exhaust air treatment

  • keeps the amount of dust particles that enter the environment to a minimum
Roasting fan

Particularly powerful

  • equipped with a frequency converter
  • connectable to an exhaust air treatment system


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